Photo by Kelly Sikkema


awakened by alarms daily

rude resounding noises shrilling

taken from a dreamland living

a nature of mother borders

absence of father disorders


I need not waste time and fighting

in worrying and spite for wrongs

that cannot right even with might

the task is to find cleanliness

where mud rife, stickers to sweet life


though life hits many untuned keys

like orchestra of circus clowns

playing instruments footloose free

with intentions of warmed heart strings

the symphony hits notes, love sings


flags unfurled signal a reason

to distract light drops in hindsight

shining a path through starless night

this the to-do list above all

to reach good hands before a fall


#Writer #Haiku #Love #Poetry #Poems — 17 tiny syllables of emotion packed into each Haiku — Thanks for your support!

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