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Choose Life

Faith Living 365 — Daily Devotions 9

Without doubt we are blessed with life and death. There will be days of blessing and others that will be worrisome and problematic. Good days mixed with bad ones, we are born of earth and will return there in time. But Deuteronomy 30:19 instructs us to choose life. Choose the life that favors God and His word. Lean on prayer and the scripture to guide you through all times. The right path is easily taken for granted and forgotten in times of both prosperity and famine. Stay close to the word of God, seek communion with Him to enjoy blessed life (may it last long or short as God wishes).

Deuteronomy 30:20 follows with a guide on what choosing life means. We are guided to follow God’s voice, and not to leave His side, and if we can stay true to our duty, we will be granted life in God’s light and presence. Many years can mean many days, weeks or months, the message is more important than timing.

And what encouragement had they to do this? For he is thy life and the length of thy days — God gives, preserves, and restores, and prolongs life, it is by the grace of God, that life is sweetened, and all out days in His grace are blessed and everlasting.

I cannot change yesterday, but I can move forward with purpose and faith. I have the daily opportunities to choose life. I will choose a life that aligns with the teachings of God. I will stay sloe to Him and seek the truth on the path I walk along.

I will observe and stop the thoughts, attitudes, habits, and behaviors that hold me back. I choose God as my purpose, the purpose for what I was created for. I live with faith and belief as my lights and the word of God as my path. I flourish in the garden of hope, love, peace, and joy.

For God instructs me to choose life.

#Writer #Haiku #Love #Poetry #Poems — 17 tiny syllables of emotion packed into each Haiku — Thanks for your support!

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