Photo by Ian Battaglia

When it Rains and Random Kindness

a poem about a chance meeting of two people, and what might be

Watched her cross between stagnant traffic

youthful light feet stepping over stones

higher than street washing rainwater

to no avail, as shoes and fabric

heavier than when she first wore them


The umbrella had gone, whisked by wind

determined to break the bond holding

hair in place, and colors on her face,

makeshift cover under gray handbag

only funneled water down her back


She moved on slower, but reached the other

side, stood shaking off random rain drops

until either she got tired or

realized it was a waste, accepting

that there were no levels of wetness


Looking around noting surroundings

reached out for handkerchief I offered,

saying something about the weather

while wiping eyes and blowing button

nose, before handing it back with thanks


Bickering about full taxis when

you want them, and clogging the traffic

when you don’t, do I know what she means?

nodding prematurely as she was

not finished, rattling at speed each breath


Bent bones contorted an otherwise

attractive face, peering into phone

for an up to date self reflection,

then she was off again, politics,

children and religion, not taboo


Shared the next taxi, eight-thirty sharp

turns out she works in the same building

and knows the streets better than driver,

wearing aviator glasses, beard,

baseball cap, and flashing neon teeth


Would I like to meet again? she asks

adds me to phone book and calendar

smiles briefly and pays the fare quickly,

before dashing into revolving

door, no hint of look back, and she’s gone


#Writer #Haiku #Love #Poetry #Poems — 17 tiny syllables of emotion packed into each Haiku — Thanks for your support!

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